Childcare Millionaire's

Association started as a simple Facebook
Group to support other owners and directors.

About Us

Childcare Millionaires is dedicated to helping you grow as a childcare owner. We have cutting-edge information, a thriving online community, and programs to help you reach your childcare goals!

Brandy Woods-Smith is the leading visionary of the Childcare Millionaires Association. After being in the childcare industry for eight years, she realized some was missing the industry – SUPPORT and COMMUNITY. She fulled the gap by uniting childcare owners worldwide to build successful daycares and create 7 figure, childcare owners. We invite you to join the Childcare Millionaires community of current and aspiring childcare owners.


Childcare Millionaires Association is dedicated to increase the number of 7 and 8 figure childcare centers by supporting owners and directors in day-to-day operations, creating policies, marketing strategies, peer and expert support.